Sean Hofman Electrical Group operates under an accredited Work Health and Safety Management System. Our system meets the requirements of the NSW Government WHS Management Systems Guidelines. We believe that health and safety is an investment not a cost and we will continually strive to improve our safety performance and minimise risk to health and safety. Sean Hofman Electrical Group is committed to the philosophy of zero incidents and we believe all incidents and injuries are preventable

We have mandatory procedures set in place to ensure our safety targets are met in order to protect our workers and minimise our environmental impact. We will ensure safety and environmental excellence through continuous improvement practices.

We are committed to leading our industry in demonstrating best safety practice and by striving to prevent workplace accidents. To demonstrate our commitment to our workforce, we have implemented a number of initiatives including having a dedicated work health and safety manager, conducting daily tool box talks, we hold monthly recaps and conduct training workshops as needed to ensure all workers are well informed.

To ensure our commitment to health and safety of our workers, community and environment, and to further develop our safety culture, we adopt the following principles:

  • Safety is a priority on every project
  • Every worker is supplied required PPE
  • Everyone has the right to go home as healthy as they came to work
  • Ongoing training is essential
  • All equipment is maintained in a safe working condition
  • Safety is an essential part of how we do work, not additional to it
  • Short cuts and risks are not acceptable
  • Everyone is empowered to stop work to prevent unsafe acts
  • Reqularly reviewing work areas and practices to improve health and safety

We believe winning at safety is like winning in sports. It’s not the effort of one person, but the focus and determination of the entire team working towards a common goal. You have to get out and give it your best, every single day.

There is no job that is so important that we cannot spend time to find a way to do it safely.

Sean Hofman

CEO Hofman Electrical Group

Experience is the difference.